The Lazy guide to living in sync with your cycle

The Lazy guide to living in sync with your cycle

Living in sync with your female cycle? It can seem like you have to become a scientist just to understand what to do, and then have the discipline like a military to actually do the changes. This is a guide for you who want to live more in sync but don't feel like letting your period rule your life. Here's to taking charge of our periods and live in our female flow 💃


So first things first, as a woman we have four phases that we go through each month. The follicular phase, ovulatory phase, luteal phase and our menstrual phase. You can also explain these like this:

  1. Follicular phase = When we feel pretty normal and everything seems okay
  2. Ovulatory phase = When we look in the mirror and think "damn I'm hot today" and you have a little extra cleavage, ready to stand on the tables dancing and get all the attention you deserve as a bad ass boss lady. 
  3. Luteal phase = We start to feel a bit more down, killing our boss comes to mind a couple of times throughout the week and towards the end of this week we really shouldn't leave the house because we are a danger to society. 
  4. Menstrual phase = Do I really need to explain this one?🩸🔪🍫

So what can we do each phase to feel a little bit better? This is not the deep, rocket science approach to cycle syncing. This is simply an easy way to start your journey, and once you start I promise you that every single one of you will have a master's degree in cycle syncing and female hormones in a couple of months. 


So let's do this thing.


  1. Follicular phase: This is the time to run, HIIT, and basically do whatever you feel like. Your body can handle more stress, you are more creative and and in a good mood. 
  2. Ovulatory phase: TOP OF YOUR GAME. This is when you're shining, glowing and can basically climb Mount Everest. Make sure to schedule your important social activities here, go on the first dates, heavier workouts and more challenges. 
  3. Luteal phase: So it's time to chill, do less heavy workouts and more focus on recovery. Make sure you take down your caffeine and alcohol intake this week to minimise cramps next week. You might want to work more from home and focus more on yourself. 
  4. Menstrual phase: Chill week. Ramp up your meditation game, don't plan any important social activities and eat more magnesium. Take a long walk rather than a run and avoid heavy workouts. Focus on stressrelief and mindset and have that dark chocolate ready for when the cravings come. 


Does this mean that you can never have a heavy workout when you're on your period? Absolutely not. We are very intuitive beings and will always know our own bodies best. Can this help you to feel more in tune? Yes. 


Do you have any experience with cycle syncing or hormone imbalance? Feel free to use the comments section to ask questions or just share your experience! 


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